7th Grade Social Studies 

Teacher: Mr. Hack
Suggested Grade Level: 7th Grade
Prerequisites: 6th Grade Social Studies
Primary Textbook: American Civics- 1998
Course Overview: The course covers a wide variety of governmental issues. from what is citizenship and what rights we have as U.S. citizens. We get into our American Democracy and from there we go into the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The students get involved with the election process and running for political office and the voting process. The one semester class ends with a look into Congress and the President.
General Objectives:
1. The students will learn about the American profiles that present the stories of individuals or groups who have served their communities or their country.
2. The students will learn about Great American documents that contain original passages from important documents in American political life.
3. The students will learn about legal landmarks that discuss major court decisions. The students will learn about the history of each case and explain its decisions.
4. the students will focus on issues of our time, that deal with political, economic, and social issues and will learn to voice their opinions.
5. The students will learn how to be a better citizen. through step-by-step guides to important functions of citizenship, like how to register to vote.

Grading procedures: the students will be tested over the chapters in chapter tests that are 60% of their grade. There will be section quizzes after each section of the chapter, these quizzes are 10 points and they are daily grades that are 40% of their grade. Classroom discussions and input are also part of their grade.